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Domestic Market - E-newsletters Opportunities

TSE has built up a consumer database of more than 39,000 people and families looking for ideas and inspiration on the South East of England.  Promoting your business in one of TSE e-newsletters is a cost-effective way of contacting lots of visitors to give your business a boost. 

Whether you choose to be included in one of our themed e-newsletters as part of our LOVE South East England Campaign or to have your own solus e-newsletter built, our e-newsletters is an easy way to generate new leads and increase brand awareness.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how TSE Marketing can help your organisation please contact us on:

Tel: 023 8062 5400


Whichever option you chose we are confident we are able to offer you a cost-effective way to generate new leads and increase brand awareness. Email advertising is fully trackable, so you can measure your performance.


We hope our open rates and statistics speak for themselves.

We welcome all businesses to participate in these communications with a small surcharge applied for non members.

Themed E-newsletters
Themed E-newsletters

We have a schedule of themed e-newsletters available throughout the year to coincide with what visitors are looking for, this is supported with content on our consumer website and social media channels.

Our calendar of themes and entries can be booked at any time. If you would like to feature in more than one take a look at our special offer below. Please stroll down to view the themes from April 2023  - March 2024.

Dispatch Date
Content Required
Autumn and Winter Getaways
8th September 2023
25th August 2023
Temptingly Tasty Moments
22nd September 2023
8th September 2023
What's on this October Half Term
13th October 2023
29th September 2023
Magical Christmas Moments
3rd November 2023
20th October 2023
What's on over Christmas and New Year
8th December 2023
24th November 2023
Welcome to 2024
19th January 2024
5th January 2024
What's On This February Half Term
2nd February 2024
19th January 2024
Dive Right into South East England's History and Heritage
23rd February
10th February 2024
Egg-citing Easter Activities
15th March 2024
1st March 2024
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Inclusion in a themed e-newsletter costs £175.00 + VAT (please remember that some of our membership packages include these so we advise that you use your 'included' ones first).

  • This includes a photograph, 75 words and ‘Find Out More’ icon, all three of which will provide a link directly to your website as different users respond to different calls to action within an email.

  • Buy three newsletters and save £75, each newsletter will be £150.00 each + VAT.​

Book your e-newsletter slot online​

We would recommend you use Chrome to complete this form

For any other questions email

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Example Themed Newsletters
Solus Newsletes
Forest Holidays.JPG
Solus Enewsletters

You may prefer to have your very own e-newsletter dedicated to your message(s). If you have a special event taking place, promoting a specific campaign or simply wish to promote your brand, why not consider your own solus enewsletter. 

A solus newsletter allows you to facilitate multiple messages and have the focused attention of your audience.

You are welcome to provide HTML which we will top and tail and embed within our newsletters, or we can build it for you from content provided within our own template free of charge.

We can where ever possible endeavour to geographically filter by county.

The cost  depends on the volume

  • Solus Enewsletters start from £655 + vat for 20,000 readers + VAT with the full database available for £1095 + VAT for the full database.

To Book or for more information email

E-newsletter Examples/Archive

Example Solus Newsletters
Enewsletter Stats
benchmark averages run at 19% open rate, 2.4% click rate and 12.4% click to open
We are pleased to report our newsletters run significantly above these figures
The Statistics
benchmark averages run at 27.1% open rate, 2.49% click rate and 10.8% click to open

We are pleased to report our newsletters run significantly above these figures

Not a member of Tourism South East?  Not a problem**

We love to work with all tourism businesses and destinations whenever we can, and welcome non member to be a part of our initiatives too. There is however a 40% surcharge for non-member bookings.  You are welcome to book onto individual activities or perhaps you might be interested to read more about TSE's membership offering and how it could add value to your business.

Non Member
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