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Resource Hub

One of the ways that TSE supports its members and partners is through the provision of guidance and information. If we don’t have the expertise in house, we usually know someone who has. We also produce occasional guidance notes and make available any useful information from partner organisations where it is current and relevant.

We anticipate that the range of materials available through within this resource hub will expand as new guidance is produced or comes to light. If you believe there is a generic need for any particular type of advice or guidance please contact us and we will look to add it to the site.

Image by MD Duran
Our free member support events take place all year round provide networking opportunities and industry speakers. 
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View our calendar of Welcome to Excellence customer service training courses available to book in South East England
Analyzing the data
Useful Industry reports and insights, best practices and business case studies to help, available
all year round.  
Notebook and Fountain Pen
TSE's quick reference list of tourism industry-specific support 
organisations and associations and 
how they can help.
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