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Our Partnership with TXGB -  What's it all about?

As part of our strategy to drive local tourism recovery, we are partnered with Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB) developed in partnership with VisitEngland. A digital marketplace that will help connect tourism suppliers of accommodation, attractions, experiences and tours with more consumers.

This provides functionality improvement on over and above our existing bookable offer with the OTA's as we seek to improve the user experience, and encourage them to look and book.

Our aim is to make online bookability more achievable for all sizes of business

What is TXGB?


In three sentences:


TXGB was developed in partnership with VisitEngland, with the aim of addressing the fragmented tourism distribution landscape.


TXGB allows Destination Management Organisations like TSE to enhance the functionality of their destination websites, and increase the amount of bookable tourism product.


TXGB allows tourism businesses to diversify their distribution and become bookable on a wide range of distribution channels not just There is no connection charge and distribution can be managed all in one place.

How will it benefit me as a business?


1. It is free to connect to TXGB and get your product bookable on our website – with NO connection cost, contract or ongoing fee's.

2. You will pay 2.5% commission to both TSE, and TXGB (5%) on bookings made on, and know that this will go back into supporting and promoting South East England..

3. Connecting to TXGB gives you access to a wide choice of other distribution options at the click of a button.

4. You can see the booking data, for all your TXGB distribution channels on the TXGB dashboard

5. The commission rates are significantly lower than many OTA which may have been a barrier previously to online book ability to your business.

6. TXGB have a free inventory loading tool TXLoad, which will enable you to not only connect to and take bookings on but also take online bookings on your website, or if you don’t have a website, link to your booking pages from your social media channels or e-newsletters.


What is meant by 'diversifying my distribution'?

It means that you, as a tourism business, can choose from a selection of distribution channels, domestically and internationally, all in one place. These range from niche operators, to OTAs, and – most importantly on destination websites like


It also allows you to make your own website bookable, if it isn’t already, for no extra cost.


How is this helping local tourism recovery?

As businesses reopen post-Covid, we are investing in bringing visitors back to South East England. We want to make it as easy as possible to “know before you go”, by providing the latest visitor information on our website. We will be driving visitors to our website through our own activity, and that of VisitEngland. And we want it to be as easy as possible for visitors to look and then book. By selling your product on you’re front and centre stage of our recovery campaign.

People Gathering in a Meeting Together
Take a look at the “how to” videos and see how easy it is to get started.
Where can I find out more

Visit to find out more, and get started. Alternatively call 0330 223 5050 or email  to connect with the team and learn more about the benefits this partnership can bring to your business.

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