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Digital Marketing Opportunties

We are delighted that receives more than 3.8m page views from over 2.2 million visitors in 2021. 


As we look to support the tourism and hospitality industries to get back on track we have a number of value for money digital marketing opportunities to enhance your exposure.

The opportunities outlined below are available on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis. Some opportunities are across the whole website, others are for specific pages. Bespoke digital packages are also available on request. Design support options too. 

Header Banners

Helping raise the profile of your business

Our popular header banners runs across the top of and links directly

to your own website

Available for a minimum of 3 months

476 x 66 sized graphic


3 months    £350 + VAT

6 months    £600 +VAT

12 months  £995 +VAT

Design Support available for a small surcharge of £25

Get in Touch

DD: 02380 625 400

Sky Scraper Banners

Skyscappers run vertically down the left and right side of all pages of

Events pages and Things to do pages are one group

Places to Visit and all other pages are the other group

Banners link to your choose url


Available for a minimum of 3 months.

140px wide x 1244px high

You receive both left and right positions, the website 


3 months   £600 + VAT

6 months   £1100 + VAT

12 months £2000 + VAT


Limited opportunities


Design help available for a small extra cost of £125.00 (£75.00+ VAT)

Audiovisual Conference

Get in Touch

DD: 02380 625 400

Mid Page Unit

A mid- page unit is displayed on your chosen three page for 3, 6 or 9 months within the content of the page so it can't be missed.


Size 300px wide x 200px high

One url link


Included on three chosen pages


3 months    £300 + VAT

6 months    £500 + VAT

12 months  £800 + VAT


Design help available for just £25.00.

Click here for all opportunities available on the VSSE website.

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Featured Box Highlight

Ensure you business gets highlighted in our Inspiration boxes on THREE selected pages of your choice across the website ( excluding the home page) - This box links to your VSEE product page within our site ( not your own website) - This enhances the exposure of your listing and information within our site, before signposting onto your own external URL.


Featured box Image - size 206 x 150px,

Design help available.


3 months £100 + VAT

6 months £ 195 + VAT

12 months £ 350 + VAT

Guaranteed Social Media Exposure

As members we endeavour to feature content, or share on your posts when ever we can however with so much content we can't share it all, all the time. We encourage members to tag us in our channels to increase the oportunity for us to pick up your posts.

We also encourage you to to support our destination campaign by using the hashtag #LoveSouthEast England and logo with your own content


If you would like to be guaranteed exposure across

ur social platforms you can purchase a social media

package and we will work with your to feature

your content.


1 Posts on an agreed date - £80 + VAT

3 Posts of 6 months. £ 160 + VAT

6 Post of 12 months £290 + V


Each post will be similaniously posted across Facebook/Insta/twitter and boosted on facebook to enhance your exposure further.

Get in Touch

DD: 02380 625 400

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Competition Partner

Competions are a great way over building data, however

we appreciate they require investment in terms of prizes.


If you would be interested to work with us to run a competition and provide a prize package incentive please contact

There are TWO ways to work with us to run a competition.


Provide a prize for one of our competitions in return for free exposure.

Provide our prize for us to feature in one of our Visit South East England competitions.

All data collected remains our property although we include an 'opt in' box for entrants who wish to hear from you as the partners


As a business benefit from all the exposure the competition brings with it across our social platforms, our website and our 44,000 database.


Run Your Own Competition and we can help you promote it.


If you have your own competition and wish to extend its reach, we can help your promote this. You are responsible for setting up your own competition on your own website, with your own data capture solution. All data remains yours and you simple purchase exposure via one of our solutions in this document.


For example, Take a slot in the e-newsletter, purchase a header banner slot or a guaranteed social post package. All data captured is solely your property.

  • 44,000 subscribers

  • 30.8 % open rate | 8.2 % click though | 14.2% Click to Open ( See industry Benchmarks)

  • Themed Enewsletter Slots

  • Solus Dispatches available.

Fin out more about all our E-newsletter opportunities

Get in Touch

DD: 02380 625 400

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