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TSE is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to provide services and expertise that supports the performance and growth of tourism businesses and destinations. We achieve this by working hard with others to deliver a range of relevant services and support programmes designed with our member businesses’ and destination partners’ needs in mind. We also make our expertise available to other clients in the South East and beyond on a paid-for basis. Activities include a full range of domestic and international marketing campaigns, PR and web promotions, highly respected training coursesresearch and visitor information servicesnetworking opportunities and advocacy.

Performance during 2015/16

In many ways 2015/16 was, as predicted,  a landmark year for Tourism South East. At national level the new Government introduced a 5 Point Plan and made radical changes to the VisitEngland/VisitBritain structure. During the year  funds were made available to specifically support overseas marketing in the North of England and the South West and one (the UK Challenge Fund) which required a bidding process for the whole of England. TSE was fortunate enough to secure some additional funding jointly with London & Partners from the UKCF for a campaign targeting the Nordics. For 2016/17 a three year programme called Discover England was launched but only as a competitive bidding and very limited basis.  In effect, these changes re-enforced the need for a cross boundary, public/private partnership focussed organisation such as TSE and this will be vital to its continued success during 16/17 and beyond. In addition, many of TSE's core programmes had a successful year - Training Services launched two new courses with Welcome to Excellence, VisitEngland and British Marine and continued to deliver across sectors and even internationally; Group and Travel Trade had the most successful year ever including the Excursions showcase event; International Marketing continued to build marketing partnerships (including with VisitLondon) to promote members and partners in Nr, Europe, China, Scandanavia and North America; our domestic PR coverage for destinations and members again hit record levels; the traffic to the visitsoutheastengland website grew exponentially to an all time high; Research Services  further cemented it's reputation for the delivery of cost effective and professional contract work for a range of public and private sector bodies; with the demise of VisitEngland's resources for visitor information support our Visitor Information Service became increasingly important to those destinations needing advice and other delivery options for front end services; and to top it all the South East businesses and destinations had a fantastic regional Beautiful South Awards followed by it's most successful year in a long time at the National England for Excellence Awards.


If you want to know more about what TSE did during 2015/16 see the Chief Executive's Quarterly Reports:-


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Ours Plans for 2016/17 are laid out in the Business Plan here.

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