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TSE is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to provide services and expertise that supports the performance and growth of tourism businesses. We achieve this by working hard with others to deliver a range of relevant services and support programmes designed with our member businesses’ and destination partners’ needs in mind. We also make our expertise available to other clients in the South East and beyond on a paid-for basis. Activities include a full range of domestic and international marketing campaigns, PR and web promotions, highly respected training coursesresearch and visitor information servicesnetworking opportunities and advocacy.

Our Plans for 2015/16

In many ways 2015/16 will be a landmark year for Tourism South East. Recent Government reviews have not only re-enforced the value of tourism to the UK economy but also shown that the changes implemented after the withdrawal of RDA support for tourism in 2011 have left the structure ‘broken’. However, part of the ‘fix’ is a renewed recognition of the importance of bodies such as TSE that can work with and coordinate tourism businesses and destinations to create a critical mass. TSE itself, after close scrutiny of its own operation, has restructured at senior level to free up resources and expertise to grow the value and range of its services. There may continue to be political uncertainty in a year of a General Election but, at the same time, there is a renewed confidence in TSE’s ability to strengthen its position as an important provider of essential services to an industry that is of proven importance


Our mission will continue to be:- 

To provide services and expertise that supports the performance and growth of tourism businesses and destinations. 


For the TSE Business Plan for 2015/16 click here

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Quarter 1 (April - June 2015)

Quarter 2 (July - September 2015)

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