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Destination Alliance

The aims of the TSE Destination Alliance are to develop and drive the visitor economy forward for the benefit of the South East region. Through providing a collective platform we will conduct joint activity on lobbying, national policy, and common issues. The Alliance will take a peer-to-peer focus, through information sharing, discussion, and facilitating the collective pooling of resources across projects.   


The Alliance will focus on the following objectives in order to achieve the above aims:

  • Collective regional voice

  • Formalised strategies of activity

  • Raise awareness with partners of key national and regional issues/policy

  • Cross working, joint projects, bid proposals

Destination Alliance Forums


Destination partners are invited to quarterly formalised forums. these are independently Chaired by Phil Evans (Tourism Consultant)  and supported by Kurt Janson (Tourism Alliance) and Andrew Bateman (TMI Policy Director). The forum enables partners to discuss the latest policy, national issues, hear from specialists and develop the collective strategy.

2021/2022 Forum Dates


10th January 2022 

25 March 2022

Find out more about becoming a destination partner by contacting our marketing team.

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Collective Regional Voice
Public Demonstration

The Alliance has identified the following areas as priorities that will form the direction and immediate focus for the collective:

  1. COVID recovery

  2. International Growth

  3. Coastal, town, and city policy

  4. Sustainability / Carbon Neutral agenda

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Our Destination Partners include:

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