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Levelling Up - The Visitor Economy 

The £4.8 billion capital Levelling Up Fund is designed to invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK.

The second round of the Fund, announced in the 2022 Spring Statement, will focus on local transport projects that make a genuine difference to local areas; town centre and high street regeneration; and support for maintaining and expanding the UK’s world-leading portfolio of cultural and heritage assets.

The Levelling Up Fund allows up to two large bids for up to £50 million under the Fund’s culture and heritage investment theme. These bids must be for flagship projects and be in line with the Fund’s focus on highly visible interventions that boost local pride in place. These must be for at least 90% culture.

Below we have outlined how Tourism South East can support Local Authorities to meet these objectives.

TSE also offers outputs and support on Shared Prosperity project funds, click here for further details. 

Pedestrians from an Ariel View

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 TSE Support provided

Research - Any large-scale capital investment must be underpinned with robust research supporting the development, implementation, review and evaluation of any cultural assets.


TSE Research has a long history of working closely with local authorities to provide objective and reliable research to help:


  • Assist decision-makers in formulating development plans and policy

  • Provide information crucial for inward investment in culture and wider sectors

  • Awareness of cultural benefits in terms of income generated, jobs created, and local facilities supported

 Methods and Outputs

Methods used to fulfil the objectives can include, but are not exclusive to:​

  • Cultural Value and Volume Reports – Produced through the Cambridge Modelling system.


  • Market /Marketing evaluation – Identifying the ROI of projects


  • Destination Audits – a critical baseline review of all the available information about the core cultural facilities


  • Performance Studies – these can include surveys, visitor/cultural  attraction monitors and business confidence surveys.


  • Full Cultural and Visitor Economy Strategies and Local Plan Reviews – Working alongside research partners to provide bespoke analysis and recommendations

Guidance Objective:

Cultural Investment

Maintaining, regenerating, or creatively repurposing existing  assets including

  • Cultural

  • Creative,

  • Heritage

  • Sporting 

Creating new assets that serve those purposes including:

  • Theatres,

  • Museums,

  • galleries,

  • Production facilities, libraries,

  • Visitor attractions (and associated green spaces),

  • Sports and athletics facilities,

  • Heritage buildings and sites,

  • Assets that support the visitor economy.

Guidance Objective:

Transport Investments

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Support economic growth

  • Improve the safety, security and overall experience of transport users

TSE Support provided

  • Training - TSE offer a full range of flexible and focused training solutions to upskill the transports  customer facing and senior teams  ensuring visible improvements to the sector


  • TSE are specialists in training and skills in tourism, hospitality, leisure, transport and travel and we work with all  business sectors and companies of all sizes

Methods and Outputs

Methods used to fulfil the objectives can include, but are not exclusive to:


Green Edge

Discover how the principles of green agenda can help you to control costs, improve efficiency and attract an expanding market who appreciate special and authentic experiences.


Welcome Afloat

provide excellent service to all their customers and deliver a great boating experience.


Welcoming Walker and Cyclist

This course will help businesses tap into the growing market , providing guidance capitalise on local opportunities.

Bespoke Transport Welcome Courses

Developed and tailored for transport businesses specific needs and requirements

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