Lead, Motivate & Succeed

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Lead, Motivate & Succeed

Lead, Motivate and Succeed is a stimulating and inspiring one-day customer service training management course that will empower first-time managers and supervisors to get the most out of their team.

Who is the course intended for?

First time line managers and supervisors that work within accommodation/catering, travel/transport, leisure/entertainment and retail.

What will I gain from the course

  • How to develop the skills to manage staff effectively
  • How to become an inspirational team leader
  • Discover the latest thinking on how you can motivate your team
  • Enable you to plan and lead an improvement programme designed to deliver great customer service in your organisation


One Day

Do I need previous skills & knowledge?


What does the course cover?
  1. Setting objectives
    • Vision and mission
    • Components of great customer service
    • Organisational, team and individual objectives
  1.  Effective delegation
    • Advantages
    • How to avoid the pitfalls
    • The seven steps
  1. Managing change
    • Attitudes to change
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Changing the culture
  1. How to be a postive leader
    • What makes a good leader
    • The difference between leading and managing
    • Leadership styles
    • Defining your own leadership style
    • Action-centred leadership
  1. How to motivate and inspire your team
    • What motivates people?
    • How to respond to diversity in your team
    • Effective communication
    • Focus on skills
    • Create the culture
  1. Manage your team
    • How to set standards
    • How to deal with problems
    • Negotiation
    • You as the leader and manager

Course Method:

  • Group discussion
  • Video presentation/clips
  • Case studies and activities



A short multiple choice test at the end of the day.



Tourism South East members receive a 10% discount 


Contact Heather Bennett, Training Administrator for the South East, on 023 8062 5438 or [email protected]

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