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The group travel sector is an important and integral market within the travel, tourism and leisure industry. Approximately 7 million people take a coach tour holiday with in the UK each year.

The confederation of Coach Passenger Transport calculates that coach travel contributes £2.35 billion to the UK economy with consumers spending £1.2 billon on UK coach tours alone. This equates to approx £189 per coach traveler.

Research commissioned by TSE in 2008 estimated that 3.96 million visitors travelled to (or within) the South East region as part of an organised coach trip… this research has not unfortunately been able to be re commission in recent year however it’s still emphasizes the value of the group travel market. A successful booking with one Group Organiser or Coach Operator could mean a booking of anywhere between 10-52 visitors!

TSE’s objective is simply to support members and promote South East England and surrounding areas as the perfect destination for group travel. The Group Travel team has a well established and continually reviewed and evolving programme of marketing activities to help members showcase their group visit offerings and target the travel trade market. The team reviews its activity each year through focus groups and a member based steering group and has confidence that its activities continue to deliver what both group organisers and members want.  

Target audiences include coach and tour operators, group travel organisers such as WI, U3A, Probus, special interest groups, retirement associations, educational and youth group organisers and the travel trade media to mention just a few. The programme covers a range of marketing activities throughout the year with opportunities starting from £50 so that all businesses can access the opportunity to target this valuable audience. 

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