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Research Services for Businesses

Our research team are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of research design, management and reporting. We pride ourselves on taking a partnership and consultancy role rather than simple reporting. We work with clients to understand their market position, strategies and approaches, and to make specific recommendations to achieve objectives in line with business aims. We tailor our programmes to your specific business needs and goals, using the right methodology, in the right way, at the right time.

Our research processes are audited and accredited by the Market Research Society (Company Partner).

There are so many methods to collect and analyse data within the tourism sector we have outlined each method we specialise in:

  • Tourism & Attractions Development - ways of building visitor numbers, satisfaction, recommendation and repeat-visitation

  • Economic Impact Studies - we specialise in economic impact assessments and are licensed to use the and PRIME (events & visitor attractions)

  • Tourism campaign evaluation & development using the bespoke Campaign Evaluator and Campaign Developer tools

  • Industry audits & business intelligence gathering

  • We bring together insights from various sources to deliver a comprehensive view of market position and tourism market opportunities

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To find out more about how TSE Research can help your organisation please contact us on:

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Indentifying visitor profiles

Identifies visitor profile, experience, enjoyment, spend, likelihood to return and recommend others to visit. It also measures the success of marketing and campaigns to attract visitors. By focussing on key measures of the visitor experience we provide feedback on areas of success, aspects to improve and how to drive further visitor growth and satisfaction (leading to advocacy rather than more basic ‘satisfaction’). This can be carried out via online, face-to-face or telephone surveys including quantitative and qualitative research.

Visitor Profiling

We use UK Tourism segments to identify visitors and potential visitors based on their tourism preferences and motivations. These are very useful in understanding the visit experience, clarify which segments you have most success in attracting and identify specific ways of attracting different segment groups and drive future visits

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Customer service experience and business

The most successful tourism businesses connect with visitors on various levels; These are the key ‘depth of visitor experience’ measures (uniqueness, emotional connection, experience-delivery, advocacy, loyalty). We measure how your business performs against ‘expected’ levels.

Economic impact studies generate a view of the volume, value and economic impact of visitor activity on a business or event, in a given year or specific time period.

Each year, Tourism South East Research is commissioned to carry out economic impact studies for visitor attractions and events using either bespoke or standard models.

Our PRIME model continues to be highly popular with event organisers. The results of the model enables event organisers to identify the economic impacts associated with their event and can be used to support financial bids.

For post-event evaluation we can offer a Local Event Impact Model which enables event organisers and sponsors to assess the economic benefit on the host area arising from the staging of their event. The model also provides a means for evaluating the impact of key social and environmental measures. An additional feature of this model is the inclusion of an attendance calculator which enables event organisers running non-ticketed events to estimate audience size.

Economic Impact Studies
Economic Impact Study
Experience Impact Monitor
Visitor Segmentation
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