TSE Membership


If you have a question that is not answered here please email your question to us.

What do I get for my membership?

Whether you are a destination, a local authority, town council, an attraction, an accommodation provider or a business offering services to the tourism and leisure sector, we have a comprehensive range of benefits

When does the membership year start/finish?

The TSE membership year varies according to where your business is located: 

 If your businesses is in: Your membership year is: 
 Berkshire  1 January - 31 December
 Buckinghamshire  1 January - 31 December
 Hampshire  1 January - 31 December
 Isle of Wight  1 January - 31 December
 Kent  1 April - 31 March
 Oxfordshire  1 April - 31 March
 Surrey  1 January - 31 December
 Sussex  1 January - 31 December

If your business is located in a different county please contact the membership team.

How is my membership fee calculated?

Membership fees are primarily calculated on the size of your business.  For example, if you are an accommodation provider your fee will be determined by the number of rooms/units you offer; if you are an attraction your fee will be based on your annual visitor numbers. 

If I have more than one business can I join as a group?

Yes, and there are discounts available for group membership - please contact the membership team.

What happens if I want to join part way through the year?

Membership fees are calculated on an annual basis but you can join at any time of the membership year – the minimum you will pay is one year’s membership.  However, after six months of the membership year, you can join on a pro-rata basis, for example:

If your business is based in Surrey and you decide to join in August, your membership fee would be calculated for five months (Aug – Dec) for the current year + twelve months for the subsequent year.