Dealing with difficult customers and situations

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Dealing with difficult customers and situations

Dealing with difficult customers and situations is a one day course designed to discuss and explore the pressures of handling difficult customers and situations and how to overcome them.

Who is the course intended for?

Members of staff that work within a customer-focused role.


One Day

Do I need previous skills & knowledge?


What does the course cover?

The customer journey

  • Who are our customers? How internal communication affects our external customers
  • What are our customer’s expectations? What do we say we will do?
  • Branding the business: the importance of pre-managing expectations
  • Becoming an ambassador for the business
  • First impressions
  • Why do customers feel a shortfall in service expectations?


When you are the customer

  • What are your expectations as a customer?
  • What is good service? What is poor service?
  • Set your standard as a professional complaint handler


If the customer is king...(then who am I?)

  • Our internal monologue: Building self confidence
  • Don’t make it worse: Approaches and attitudes to avoid
  • Reflecting the brand in difficult situations
  • Difficult customers and their needs—what’s really going on?
  • Positive communication: Building your self-confidence. Listening skills, tone, pitch, language
  • What are you saying? Reading and using body language to reduce pressure
  • Practical ways to deal with difficult situations that may arise. The 8 point plan for handling complaints
  • Understanding and managing different personality types
  • Communicating with different personality types and understanding how pressure affects behaviour—theirs and ours


What is so great about complaints?

  • Why don’t customers complain?
  • A complaints free world—why is this dangerous?
  • How to go looking for complaints. An unvoiced complaint is potentially damaging word-of-mouth advertising

Course Method:

  • Group discussion
  • Case studies and activities


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