Bletchley Park cracks the code to great customer service

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Bletchley Park cracks the code to great customer service

Staff and volunteers at Bletchley Park, home of the renowned World War II code breakers, were presented with nationally recognised Welcome Host Gold customer service certificates by Sue Gill, Tourism South East's Training Services Director. 

At a special ceremony to celebrate the occasion and recognise Bletchley Park’s commitment to customer service, Fred Howe, Bletchley Park’s Operations Manager said “We are delighted that we choose Welcome Host Gold as our in-house customer service programme because this gave us the ability to train our own trainers who are able to deliver tailored courses that fit our business and customer needs.  All our 220 staff and volunteers are participating in courses and today we are able to congratulate the first 40 ‘Gold’ accredited Bletchley Park Ambassadors.  The results are impressive as visitor numbers have increased by 28% compared to the same time last year.  The welcome our visitors receive will be paramount to the success of Bletchley Park and our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have a passion for interpreting the untold stories of what used to be a very secretive place.”

This is an exciting time for Bletchley Park as it reaches an important milestone in its history with a major redevelopment culminating in the opening of a new state of the art visitor centre due to open in April.  As this iconic place rolls out a programme of informative activities and events during 2014, the grounds and museum will also provide an atmospheric backdrop for the Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley film The Imitation Game based on Andrew Hodges’ biography of Bletchley Park’s tragic hero, Alan Turing.

Commenting on the significance of the occasion, Sue Gill said: “I was delighted to be presenting these awards to so many of the staff and volunteers at Bletchley Park because they are the backbone of the visitor experience. Bletchley Park has been famous for being Britain’s best kept secret but that is about to change as word spreads about it cracking great service, that will no doubt attract visitors from far and wide.”   

Sue Gill, Training Services Director (centre), with staff and volunteers from Bletchley Park