Understanding and Targeting Visitors


Understanding and Targeting Visitors

Step one in developing a marketing campaign is to understand your customers and how to reach them.

Experian’s Mosaic UK is the leading data classification for today’s multi-channel world, providing a detailed view of UK consumers’ characteristics and lifestyles. Working in collaboration with BDT Marketing at Hampshire County Council, TSE Research is now pleased to offer Mosaic UK segmentation and catchment mapping to its members at very competitive rates.

What are the benefits?

Using your visitor data together with Mosaic and mapping technology, we can address the key issues: Who are (and are not) your visitors? Where are they from?



 Fig. 1: Example catchment mapping: Gilbert White House & Gardens gift aid donation visitors

We can use the profiling results to find ‘more of the same’ visitors across the UK or within the existing catchment area. This allows us to make recommendations as to where, very specifically, to place promotional material, according to visitor’s information preferences and reading, shopping and social media habits.

 In a nutshell, Mosaic segmentation together with catchment mapping will help you to: 

  • better understand your existing visitors
  • enable market growth through identifying new visitors just like existing ones
  • map your visitors geographical origin
  • save time and money resulting from untargeted/ irrelevant promotional material and distribution
  • identify the best media to use to reach your visitors
  • provide information to measure campaign effectiveness
  • identify trends by measuring year on year results


Special membership offer

We are pleased to offer TSE members a basic ‘starter’ pack that will provide a simple overview of what type of households are visiting your destination or attraction and where they are from (£350 for TSE members/£455 for non-members), plus an advanced package for a more in-depth understanding of the visitor market, designed to provide a much stronger evidence base to support a marketing campaign or funding bids (£500 for TSE members/£625 for non-members).

Should our standard packages not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss alternative approaches or bespoke analysis.

For further information contact Kerry Rayment - Senior Research Manager