Accommodation Audit


Accommodation Audit

TSE carried out an audit ofaccommodation stock in the South East in 2009. Stock data was drawn from a number of sources including VisitBritain, individual local authority databases, yellow pages, Thompsons Business Directory, Internet searches and tourism brochures and guides.


Number of businesses, bedspaces and quality grading by sector in 2009

Business Sector No. Businesses No. Bedrooms or Pitches  No. Bedspaces % Quality Assured
Serviced 6,064 87,192 179,154 34.5
Self Catering 2,649 10,520 21,415 58.9
Caravan & Camping 488 49,868 229,685 35.5
Group 95 12,210 16,814 29.5
Total 9,296             159,760          447,071          41.5                  

Source: TSE Accommodation Audit


Number of accessible accommodation businesses by sector in 2009

                                 No. Businesses No. Bedrooms or Pitches No. Bedspaces % Quality Assured
Serviced 51 11,476 50,931 84.3
Self Catering 6 1,432 2,191 83.3
Caravan & Camping 89 677 1,486 68.5
Group 535 30,153 63,902 47.1
Total 681                 43,738            118,510          53.6                

Source: TSE Accommodation Audit


Number of accessible accommodation businesses by accreditation in 2009

                                 No. Businesses No. Bedrooms or Pitches No. Bedspaces % Quality Assured
NAS 50 2,389 7,695 92.0
RADAR Approved 142 16,207 44,970 44.4
LA Recommend 54 2,851 5,788 44.4
Other 449                  23,016             61,579             49.3                

Source: TSE Accommodation Audit

Please note that the totals in the table above will not match the totals of accessible accommodation businesses / bedrooms / bedspaces due to some businesses falling into two or more categories.


Definition of each Business Sector

Serviced accommodation: B&Bs, farm B&Bs, guest houses, hotels, country house hotels, motels or budget hotels, townhouse hotels, castles, restaurants with rooms and inns or pubs. Some university accommodation that offered serviced rooms was also included in this category rather than the group accommodation category. Similarly, serviced apartments were also included in this category.

Self Catering accommodation: Cottages, flats, apartments, houses, chalets, bungalows, moored houseboats.

Caravan & Camping: Touring caravans, motor homes, tents, static caravans for hire, owned static caravans, chalets and timber lodges. Holiday Centres are also included in this category

Group: YHA hostels, other hostels for visitors, camping barns, university or campus accommodation (that is not let as serviced accommodation), accommodation used for schools, scout and other groups.

Marina and second home accommodation was not covered in year one or two of the accommodation audit but may be added in year three.

Definition of Accessibilty Categories

NAS: Number of businesseses which were part of the National Accessible Scheme (NAS).

RADAR Approved: Number of businesses that had their disabled access approved by Radar.

LA Recommend: Number of Local Authorities (LA) that recommend on their website, or list, accommodation within their area that has disabled access.

Other: Other accommodation businesses that had not been mentioned in the previous three sections but were also accessible for people with disabilities. These businesses were found through various sources including websites and accessibility guides.