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International Marketing

International Marketing

For 2018 the UK welcomed 37.9m international visitors,  with just under 4.93m visiting the South East.  The top ten inbound markets for the UK, in terms of number of visits, during 2018 accounted for almost two in three visits (63%), with 2018 seeing the USA overtaking France to claim first place.

Only two long-haul markets, the USA and Australia, appear in the top ten. Total Spend by inbound visitors to the UK fell by over 6% in 2018, with the South East showing the same trend.  2018 has seen a fall in overnight stays, with the UK as a whole falling by 6% and the South East showing a higher than average fall.  Visitor numbers are still being helped by the weaker pound and new travel routes to the UK.  The impact of Brexit is still an unknown but a welcoming message and work on perceptions is needed.

In 2018/19, TSE successfully delivered a number of international marketing campaigns on behalf of its partners targeting China, Near Europe, North America and Scandinavia,, focusing on  the travel trade & consumers. TSE’s international marketing campaigns are designed to create a presence and generate business for South East destinations, attractions and accommodation providers in overseas markets. From representation at sales missions and trade shows to PR and digital marketing activity, we offer a wide range of marketing opportunities to help you promote your organisation within the international  marketplace.

The main campaigns on offer for the coming year are:
  • Vakantiebeurs Consumer Show 
  • Go! China
  • Near Europe Trade
  • North America & Canada
  • Nordics   


Vakantiebeurs 2020

In 2020 the TSE International team will again be heading out to Utrecht in Holland to continue to encourage international visitors to the South East of England.  The Netherlands remains the 6th largest inbound markets for the UK.  Generally visitors to these shows are independent, travelling as couples, families and in extended friendship/family groups who are interested in history and heritage, vibrant cities, countryside/natural beauty, visiting a pub, shopping and culture.  The Dutch generally having a high propensity to camping & caravanning and touring.  This show offers an are an ideal opportunity to put your product in front of a engaged audience who are looking for ideas and inspiration.

International visitors from the Netherlands spent £716m in the UK in 2018.  Generally visitors come throughout the year, and have a high propensity for repeat visits, which makes this a key inbound market for the South East.   More than three in four holiday visitors are making a repeat trip to Britain.  The average length of stay in 4 nights.  Access to the UK in by air, ferry & tunnel.

15th – 19th January 2020

Vakantiebeurs takes place in January 2020 and will be the 50th anniversary of the show.  Welcoming over 116,000 paying visitors over five days.  The exhibition covers 8 halls and is the largest in The Netherlands.  The week days generally welcome a more mature audience with families attending at the weekend.   The top reason given for visiting the show is ‘inspiration about & discover new destinations’ (2019)

Our partners can be involved at varying levels starting from advertising in our DL touring map brochure (click here for 2020 version), a fully integrated stand including bookable product with House of Britain tour operator (click here for 2020 version), graphics, shipping of brochures and e-newsletters.   The show offers exposure to the travel trade (first day) and four days to consumers.

For further information please take a look at the Vakantiebeurs 2020 rate card.  To book your stand, leaflet representation or advertising space please complete and return the attached booking form.

Vakantiebeurs show report 2020 here 

Go! China 2019/20

During 2018, China saw visitor numbers to the UK grew by 16% and overnight stays by 2% to 337,000.  China is the 22th largest inbound source market to the UK (2017), with 63% of their nights in the UK being spent outside of London. In 2017, the average spend on a visit to the UK was £2059, 3.3 times the global average.  Overall, spending in the UK by Chinese visitors has grown by 278% over the last seven years.

54% of the total number of visitors are on holiday, spending on average 18 nights within the UK. London remains the top destination for Chinese visitors, with the South East 3rd in the regional travel destinations rankings, with 8% of all visitors.   

TSE’s Go! China campaign has been running for twelve years, helping South East hotels, attractions and destinations grow their presence in the Chinese market place.  Working closely with both China Holidays and VisitBritain to deliver a highly successful, targeted marketing programme. The 12 month campaign offers access to this market at a cost effective price.  The campaign is ideal for those wanting to start their international journey into the Chinese market or for those organisations wanting to target this market but find the cost to go alone prohibitive.

The 2019/2020 campaign includes both trade and consumer interaction and offers the chance for businesses within the South East to grow their contact databases.


Please find full details of this 12 month campaign here along with the booking form here to secure your place.

We are also delighted to be able to offer advertising opportunities in The South East China Guide, which will be fully translated and distributed at CITM, GITF and DB China Sales Mission.  Click here for more information and to book.  Planning for 2020?  Take a look at our 2019/2020 South East China Guide here

If you have any questions or queries please contact Jane Chivers or Fran Downton from the International Team.

Near Europe 2019/20

This year Near Europe Campaign is striving to send a big welcome to our near Europe partners with a focus on one to one sales mission and the chance to welcome the Belgium media to our shores.  The US market has for the first time in a long time topped the inbound statistics to the UK and we have seen flight bookings to the UK made through indirect channels down year on year.  A decline in confidence in travel post March 29th is a significant and TSE aim is to continue the links with our European partners and show that the South East is open and keen for business.   The pound remains much lower than its pre-referendum level and the forecast is for this to continue throughout the medium term, although as with all this is uncertain.  Although this helps, Visit Britain research shows that  this favourable exchange rate is less top of mind for travellers than it was in 2016.

Our French neighbours saw nearly 3.69m visitors to the UK in 2018, the 2nd largest inbound market to the UK and the 3rd largest in spend. The German market saw inbound totals of 3.62m, the 3rd largest to the UK and 2nd largest in spend and the Belgium market 9th largest at 1.11m and 18th largest in spend.  The campaign offers partners the chance to put their product in front of the operators in a series of one to one site visits on territory and highlight the great opportunities available within the South East.   The 12 month campaign will offer partners the chance to build, refresh and update their offers with our Near Europe partners.

  • Representation in France, Belgium and Germany
  • Representation at Explore GB 2020
  • Inclusion in themed TSE newsletters
  • Chance to welcome Belgium media to our region and showcase some of the South East
  • Translated sales sheets to support activity in French and Belgium


Please find full details of the 12 month campaign here along with the booking form to secure your place.  Places are limited to ensure that all partners are given coverage at each of the sales mission.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Fran Downton or Jane Chivers directly.

Scandinavian Campaign 2019/20

The Sweden welcomed the 13th largest number of inbound visitors to the UK in 2018, followed by Demark and Norway, 15th & 16th respectively.  Forecasts continue to be positive about this market with the potential for growth over the next six years. 

10% of the total visitors to the UK come to the South East, the largest number for the UK by region.  Most visits link to London so the South East benefits from this with its ease of access and direct road and rail links. 

Swedish visitors travel throughout the year which is beneficial for extending the South East season and there is a large tendency for repeat visits between 3 – 4 times over a 10 year period.  Food & drink plays an important part in the Swedish travel plans with a keen propensity to culture, history and sport, city breaks and shopping which make this an ideal market for the South East of focus on.

This year’s campaign sees focus on the Swedish travel trade but with digital marketing to the other partner markets

The 12 month campaign includes

  • Two e-newsletters one trade and one consumer

  • One to One Sales Mission to Sweden

  • One to One representation at Travel News Market

  • Representation Explore GB 2020

For full campaign details click here or to secure your place please complete the booking form here.  Spaces are limited.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Fran Downton or Jane Chivers who will be happy to assist.

America & Canada 2019/20

Tourism South East’s’ International team are pleased to introduce its campaign to tragte the USA and Canada.  The USA is the top inbound market to the UK (2018), bringing 3.877 m visitors to our shores.  It is also the top spending market at £3.378m and is therefore a key market for our South East partners to showcase their products to.

The Market

This is a mature market, with 46% of the total visitors coming here on holiday.  Experiences are key to this market, with visitors enjoying our rich history and heritage, alongside our vibrant city culture, good food and drink.  Visitor from the US also enjoy our outdoor space with a high propensity to explore the coast, parks and gardens and rural countryside.  Three star and above hotels and guests houses are popular with this market.   Planning is normally done early but booking is generally 3-6 months before arrival. The weak pound and growing US economy is all helping to drive business to the UK

 The TSE 12-month campaign offers a chance to put your product in front of Tour Operators, OTA’s, agents and consumers within the US and Canada 

  • Representation at one to one sales mission to New York & Toronto

  • Representation at Explore GB and UKInbound

  • Inclusion in the Britain Magazine distributed to US consumers with a readership of 125,000

  • Feature on Travel Research online with direct links to the travel agents in the US 

For more information on the campaign click here.  Download the booking form here.  Spaces are limited and will be taken on a first come first served based.

Please contact Fran Downton with your questions or queries.

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If you have any further queries on International Marketing, please contact the International team

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