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International Marketing

Outside London, the South East England is one of the most popular visitor destination for international travellers. The International Passenger Survey figures for the first three quarters of the year show that visitors to South East England to be up 5% on 2016, at 4,173,000.  In the last quarter of 2017, the South East also saw a record number of international visitors at 1.8 million - up 8% on the same quarter in 2016.  Spending in this quarter was also reported up 6% to £822 million.  International tourism is being helped by the weaker pound and new travel routes to the UK, but with brexit on the horizon work needs to be done to quell concerns and show that Britain is open for business.  


In 2017/18, TSE successfully delivered a number of international marketing campaigns on behalf of its partners in China, Near Europe, North America and Scandinavia, targeting the travel trade & consumers. TSE’s International Marketing campaigns are designed to create a presence and generate business for South East destinations, attractions and accommodation providers in overseas markets. From representation at sales missions and trade shows to PR and digital marketing activity, we offer a wide range of marketing opportunities to help you promote your organisation within the international travel marketplace.
The main campaigns on offer for the coming year are: 


  • Go! China
  • Near Europe Trade
  • North America
  • Nordics   
  • Vakantiebeurs Consumer Show
  • Salon des Vacances Show
 Go! China 2018/19

During 2017, China established itself as the 12th most valuable inbound tourism market to the UK. Visits aboard have more than doubled in 5 years from 41m in 2011 to 85 m in 2016.  It is forecasted by 2020 this will reach 110m.  China is the 24th largest inbound source market to the UK (2016) with 65% of their nights in the UK being spent outside of London.  The latest IPS results indicate that the South East region has seen very strong growth with 59,891 Chinese visits overall from the Holiday & VFR market up 26% on 2016.  Total expenditure within the region was £43.12m up 60% on 2016 with an average spend of £771 per visitor.   

TSE’s Go! China campaign has been running for eleven years now with significant growth in the numbers of Chinese visitors to the South East region.  The Go! China 2017/18 campaign saw TSE working closely with both China Holidays and Visit Britain to deliver a highly successful, targeted marketing programme, providing opportunities for campaign partners to engage with the Chinese market.

The 2018/2019 campaign follows on a similar theme but to match the ever changing market, some tweaks have been made:

Destination Britain China sales mission

  • Representation at VIBE 2018 and Explore GB 2019
  • Production of the China Guide distributed at sales missions, trade fairs and mailed directly to key Tour Operators
  • Inclusion in TSE’s translated China website
  • Inclusion in translated TSE e-newsletters
  • Exposure on our China Weibo social media account & our NEW for 2018/2019 WeChat account
  • Inclusion in translated Days out Guide targeting the student VFR market


Please find full details of this 12 month campaign here along with the booking form here to secure your place.

Also find details of advertising opportunities in The Tourism South East China guide here.  Book before the 31st May 2018 to take advantage of the Early Bird Booking offer, the booking form can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Fran Downton directly.

Near Europe 2018/19

The French market remains the top inbound tourism market for the UK (2016), with over 4m visitors each year and the market generating £1,372m in spending.  Germany is the third largest inbound market (2016), with The Netherlands the 6th and Belgium the 9th (2016).  The year to date figures for the third quarter of 2017 show growth in both The Netherlands and Belgium markets of 7% and a 2% in the German market, the weaker pound and new visitor routes to the UK all helping these improvements. 

This year’s campaign aims to target these four main markets working on engaging with key travel and tour operators based in the UK and overseas. The 12 month campaign will offer our partners the chance to build, refresh & update their offers within the Near Europe markets, showcasing their products with three sales missions and representation at a meet the media event.

Trade sales missions to selected French, German & Dutch operators

  • Representation at a Meet the Media event in Belgium
  • Representation at VIBE 2018 and Explore GB 2019
  • Inclusion in themed TSE e-newsletters
  • PR information passed to Visit Britain
  • Translated sales sheets to support activity in France & Germany.
Please find full details of the 12 month campaign here along with the booking form here to secure your place.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Fran Downton or Jane Chivers directly.

Scandinavian Campaign 2018/19

Britain was the 4th, 5th & 6th most visited  destination for the Norwegian, Danish & Swedish travellers in 2016.  These three markets being the 14th, 15th & 16th largest inbound source markets to the UK, and the 13th, 17th & 15th most valuable to the UK.  Forecasts suggest there is the potential for more than 40% growth in the number of both Swedish & Danish outbound overnight trips by 2025 & for the Norwegian market to top 15 million trips aboard in the same period.

Visiting the UK during Quarter 4 & Quarter 2 is strong, with Scandinavian visitors generally tending to avoid the summer months.  This makes this market is ideal to help fill shoulder periods and with a large tendency to repeat visits between 3 -4 times over a 10 year period this is a good developing market to be involved in.   Liking shopping, built heritage sites, museums, parks and gardens, vibrant cities, contemporary culture, dining and visiting pubs plus watching or experiencing sport, there is a wealth of opportunities for us to meet their interests within the South East of England.

This years campaign sees a mix of working with the travel trade combined with consumer marketing in Q4 to raise the awareness of all the South East can offer.

The 12 month campaign includes

  • Three e-newsletters
  • One to One Sales Mission to Sweden, Demark & Norway
  • Representation at VIBE and Explore GB 2019
  • PR information passed to Visit Britain
  • Digital promotion activity with VB in Quarter 1 to raise consumer awareness


For full campaign details click here or to secure your place please complete the booking form here.  Spaces are limited to 12 partners and will be offered on a first come first served basis.  

Spaces are limited to 12 partners and will be offered on a first come first served basis.  Booking deadline is the 30th June 2018.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Fran Downton or Jane Chivers who will be happy to assist.

International Consumers Shows 

In 2019 the TSE International team will again be heading out to Utrecht, Holland and Brussels, Belgium to continue to encourage international visitors to the South East of England.  The Netherlands and Belgium are the 6th & 9th largest inbound markets for the UK.  Generally visitors to these shows are independent, travelling as couples, families and in extended friendship/family groups who are interested in history and heritage, vibrant cities, countryside/natural beauty, visiting a pub, shopping and culture.  The Dutch generally having a high propensity to camping & caravanning and touring and the Belgium visitors a higher inclination towards bed and breakfast & hotels.  These shows offer an are an ideal opportunity to put your product in front of a engaged audience who are looking for ideas and inspiration. 

International visitors from the Netherlands spent £714m in the UK in 2016, with 16% of the 2,062,000 visiting the South East.  Generally visitors come throughout the year, and have a high propensity for repeat visits, which makes this a key inbound market for the South East.   More than three in four holiday visitors are making a repeat trip to Britain.  The average length of stay in 4 nights.  Access to the UK in by air, ferry & tunnel. 

Belgium brought 1,048,000 visitors to the UK in 2016 spending £305m.  35% of visitors where here on holiday with 18% of them visiting the South East.   Dover is generally the main access route via the tunnel or ferry with 17% flying to the UK generally via Gatwick.  The average length of stay is 3 days.   Again visitors generally come throughout the year with 19% during winter, 32% during spring, 27% over summer & 23% for autumn. 


Vakantiebeurs Jan 2019

Vakantiebeurs takes place in January 2019 and welcomes over 119,000 paying visitors over five days.  The exhibition covers 8 halls and is the largest in The Netherlands.  The week days generally welcome a more mature audience with families attending at the weekend.   The top reason given for visiting the show is ‘to find out information on future holidays’ (Vakantiebeurs 2018)

Our partners can be involved at varying levels starting from £275.00 to advertise in our DL touring map brochure (click here for 2018 version), to £2800 for a fully integrated stand including bookable product with House of Britain tour operator (click here for 2018 version), graphics, shipping of brochures and e-newsletters.   The show offers exposure to the travel trade (first day) and four days to consumers.

Stand bookings will be open until 31st July 2018, advertising and leaflet distribution opportunities until 30th October 2018.  Click here for the Vakantiebeurs rate card and booking form.  Please do not hesitate to contact either Fran or Jane if you have any further questions or queries or take a look at the TSE Vakantiebeurs & Salon Des Vacances Report from January 2018.

TSE Vakantiebeurs & Salon Des Vacances Report January 2018 Click here. 

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Salon des Vacances Feb 2019

Salon des Vacances takes place in February 2019 and welcomes 105,000 paying visitors to this four day show.  Taking place in Brussels and covering three exhibition halls this show is the largest in Belgium.  Again this show welcomes the more mature visitor during the week and families at the weekend, with many visitors coming back for a second day.  

Options for this show start again from £275.00 to advertise in the DL touring map brochure to £1250 for a full integrated stand including graphics, shipping of brochures and a post show e-newsletter.  Full details can be see here with the rate card & booking form.  A report from our 2018 show can be found here.

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See here for our report from Vakantiebeurs 2018 and Salon des Vacances 2018
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