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Keep the trade updated from just £50!

Digital Campaigns

Building on the success of the travel trade e-newsletter, TSE continues to ensure its digital campaigns provide readers with new products and inspirational ideas. Our themes are scheduled in a timely fashion and themed by popular demand ensuring content remains fresh and relevant to the planning season. A perfect value for money opportunity to keep the industry updated and aware of your latest news. 

Throughout the year the travel trade digital campaigns will be focused around its e-news, with increased web presence across both the Visit South East England’s group travel section and the Excursions’ Show website and dedicated social media posts across four accounts. The travel trade team hold two databases - Group Travel Organisers (2000 contacts) and Coach & Tour Operators (1200 contacts) which can be targeted through teh following campaigns:

Venue Eshots
For destination partners, attractions and accommodation providers will go out to both data sets at once. Content will then be promoted online and on social media. 

E-news Image Feature @ £145 +vat (6 per e-news)
Includes 40 words copy, a landscape image, maximum size 290px (w) x100px(h) with web-link s to your relevant group travel page.

E-news Text Only Feature @ £50 +vat (6 per e-news)
Includes 20 words copy and a text hyperlink to your relevant group travel page.

Literary Heroes - April 2017
Autumn/Winter 2017 - May 2017
Christmas - June 2017
Film & TV Locations - July 2017  
Spring/Summer 2018 - September 2017
Active and Immersive Experiences - October 2017    
Food and Drink - November 2017
Hidden Gems - December 2017
Autumn/Winter 2018 - February 2018
History & Heritage - March 2018

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Our Themed e-newsletter statistics on average for the Coach operator database open rate is 26% with a click to open rate of 11% and the GTO open rate is 29% with a click to open rate of 13%.To put this into context, please click here to view 'The 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Report', against which these e-newsletters exceed.


Trade Eshots
For Coach and Tour Operators only and will go out to the GTO data set only.

Image Feature @ £100      Text Only Feature @ £30

Autumn/Winter 2017 May 2017
Spring/Summer 2018 September 2017 


Solus E-shot
Target either database or both with your own targeted e-newsletter, rates start from £375+VAT, if interested please email the Group Travel Team.

Group Travel Organisers (2000 contacts) £495+VAT
Coach & Tour Operators (1200 contacts) £375+VAT
Combined E-shot (combined 3200 contacts) £795+VAT 

                                               Open Rate                           Click to Opens

Coach Operator                           22%                                      13%

Group Travel Organiser                27%                                       13%   


Website Opportunities

Our trade pages receive highly targeted visitors looking for group travel activities across the region - The group travel team will be working hard to direct traffic to these pages which provide a online resource for group organisers to revisit time again and use as an online portal ideas and group travel information. 

Inclusion in Online Editorial
If you are a member of TSE, inclusion in our themed features on the Group Travel Pages is free of charge. Please email any 'what's new for groups' news to and we will endeavour to include you when we can. 

For further information on all web opportunties please email the Group Travel Team or telephone us on 023 8062 5516.