The Queen’s Speech – Implications for Tourism

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The Queen’s Speech – Implications for Tourism

The Queen’s Speech contains a significant number of programme items that have implications for the tourism industry.

Included among them are:

  •  Agriculture Bill

This Bill will reform the UK’s agriculture policy, moving away from the CAP system to a more environment-based approach to farm subsidies. With the rural environment being one of the UK’s most significant tourism assets, this Bill will have significant implications for the future development of rural tourism.

  •  Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill

This Bill will end the free movement of EU nationals into the UK and set the framework for a new points-based immigration system to be introduced in 2021. As UKinbound’s research highlights, finding people with the skills needed by tourism businesses with going to be one of the industry’s most significant issues post Brexit so it will be important that this Bill takes account of soft skills such as languages.

  •  Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill

The treatment and allocation of tips within the tourism industry has been the subject of considerable debate in Government over recent years. This new Bill aims to replace a voluntary Code of Practice within the industry with legal obligations on employers to pass on all tips to workers in full and, where they distribute tips amongst workers, to do so on a fair and transparent basis.

  •  Broadband

New legislation is proposed in order to roll-out gigabit capable broadband across the UK in order to achieve nationwide coverage as soon as possible.