Important - UK Terrorism Threats

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Important - UK Terrorism Threats

In the light of the recent terrorist attacks you should consider how your resources and capabilities are deployed and configured to deny, detect and deter terrorists and other hostile threat actors, and thus help defeat them. To do this you would want to consider the following:

  • Ensure all your staff are briefed on the threat and what your plan, options and procedures are for responding to it should it present at or near one of your sites.
  • Use your communication channels to reassure legitimate users of your sites and to project a hostile operating environment for threat actors.
  • Proactively deploy your security resources to conduct unpredictable security activities both within and in the footprint around your sites and venues to deny terrorists a safe operating space through deterring hostile reconnaissance and detecting suspicious behaviour.
  • All staff should be encouraged to engage individuals acting suspiciously to determine what the cause is, and then to take the actions appropriate to the circumstances.
  • Ensure that all your staff are briefed on the threat and what constitutes suspicious behaviour. They will know what is normal for their regular places of work and what is not, positively encourage them to investigate or report things which feel out of place to the ordinary and have mechanisms to escalate such reporting.
  • Ensure all staff take responsibility for security, not just security personnel. They should be reminded to be vigilant, and use their customer service skills to proactively engage with customers, visitors and others.
  • Active engagement with customers, visitors and individuals at or in the vicinity of locations in the way described above is both an opportunity to help and reassure legitimate site users and, in context to detect and deter hostile threat actors.
  • Engage with your neighbours to ensure that your plans and activities are mutually supportive. In particular you may wish to ensure that any security activities are coordinated to ensure that gaps and inefficiencies are avoided. Consider how you communicate threat information between yourselves.
  • Ensure that your personnel are aware that ethnicity, religion, colour, clothing, and gender are not reliable indicators for identifying hostile threat actors or terrorists. However, such individuals are likely to display suspicious or nonbaseline behaviours when conducting threat activities. Again it is important to stress that this different behaviour may have many causes both benign and malign, and is not an indicator of terrorism. It is only through identifying, engaged and assessing why someone is behaving differently that a conclusion can be drawn.


Other useful advice includes

  • It may also be useful to ensure that all your first aiders are up to date with their training and that they are appropriately deployed and your first aid kits are stocked and staff know how to access them.
    • Make sure your staff  are aware of their options for Evacuation/ Invacuation/ Lockdown procedures and the plans include provision for vulnerable staff and visitors.
    • Do your staff know where the emergency assembly points are and/or have you identified any protected spaces within your venues?


Further advice can be found on the following link