DCMS inquire on Brexit

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DCMS inquire on Brexit

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee announced a new inquiry on the impact of Brexit on the UK Creative and Tourism Industries.

On tourism, the Select Committee will be concentrating on three main issues:


  • Employment in tourism: The travel and tourism industry is particularly labour-intensive and many positions are currently filled by EU nationals. To what extent will UK citizens be willing and able to fill these (often seasonal and low-paid) jobs?
  • The inward tourist industry is concerned that any more onerous visa requirements for visits will produce a reduction in the number of visitors to the UK. What is likely to happen? Is the industry capitalising on the decline in the value of the pound to promote the UK as a destination?
  • The outward tourist industry has already been affected badly by the fall in the value of the pound. What further effects are likely? What will be the impact on companies and jobs?


The deadline for submissions is Friday 28 October 2016.

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