Theresa May Launches Tourism Action Plan

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Theresa May Launches Tourism Action Plan

Last week Theresa May launched the Government’s new Tourism Action Plan.

Last week Theresa May launched the Government’s new Tourism Action Plan. Effectively it is a refresh of the 5 Point Plan for Tourism that David Cameron launched just 12 months ago with the same headline policies but it also contains some very welcome new commitments. A number of these appear to be a direct result of representations from industry bodies such as our partners, The Tourism Alliance and the British Hospitality Association.

Whilst the emphasis remains very much on measures to attract more overseas visitors and spread the benefits beyond London, encouragingly there is more Government recognition of the vital importance of the domestic market to the industry, particularly outside the Capital. It appears the Government has also been listening to concerns about unnecessary and burdensome regulation. Two commitments in the new Tourism Action Plan are especially welcome:-

‘We will seek to deregulate an element of Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licences as soon as parliamentary time allows. This will allow owners of hotels/ attractions to collect visitors from train stations/ ports of entry, without having to apply for PHV licences (operator, vehicle and driver).’

'We will introduce a new, light-touch licensing notice, which will allow small quantities of alcohol to be sold by small accommodation providers to their guests, and by community groups at local events. This will enhance the welcome that small establishments can provide to guests - without requiring them to apply for a full licence.’


The Government’s new Tourism Action Plan can be found at Government’s Tourism Action Plan